September 7, 2014

Current favorite bases

Oh hai! I realize I have disappeared from the surface of this blog for about 3 months. I wasn't planning on such a long hiatus, in fact I didn't plan any hiatus at all. But Summer just flew away.
No vacation for me (first year of building a business means you're poor in both free time and money), and not much time to slow down either. Which I guess is a good thing as it means the business is keeping me busy.

Came end of August and I realized my skin was entering Fall mode already (thanks cold humid end of Summer). And with that, I had no base that fit. And I do need a reliable base when I go out all days to meet clients, right? So I made a bit of shopping and I was actually very lucky to find 2 products that I absolutely love! And I thought it would be great to let you know about them.

1. Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Primer in Shade 1

I think it took me well over 6 months to pull the trigger on that one but OMG, do I love it! Now it's actually a primer, so don't expect any kind of coverage from it whatsoever. Even though there is pigment in it, it won't hide anything. This being said, on a good skin day where you would only wear a light TM, and with concealer where needed, it will definitely work on its own. Why? Because the silicone in it have a fabulous blurring effect. And so despite the lack of coverage, you just look better with it on. It makes the pores less visible and the skin look plumped and pretty. Bonus : it doesn't feel oily or make your skin oily through the day.

So when I'm not up to much, not leaving the office, and am having a good skin day, I will just wear that one with some concealer and a bit of powder on the t zone.

This one is 30ml and retails for £38 on Cultbeauty.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in Fair 2.

I have to say first that I have tried a few other products from the Charlotte Tilbury range and that I wasn't really impressed. But this foundation completely stands out, in fact I'd go as far as saying that it's the best I have tried in a very long time. Possibly in years.
First of all, even though I guesstimated my shade to order on line, I must say that Fair 2 is the best match I have ever had in a foundation (especially since Illamasqua discontinued their shade 125). It's a neutral fair shade with no pink it it, but it's not too yellow.

This foundation feels and smells like skincare in my opinion. It's a light coverage but if you pat on a second layer where you need it, it definitely builds up to medium.
The finish is extremely natural, like a second layer of your skin but better. It holds very well through long days. It's not drying on dry areas or flakey patches (NO ALCOHOL!) and it's not oily on your oilier areas. So I'm confident it will work very well for me through Winter when I'm more dehydrated.
The one thing that could possibly be a problem for some, is that it contains a lot of silicones - but that doesn't bother me.

The packaging is a very hygienic and convenient sleek plastic bottle with a thin pouring nozzel (is that the right word?) so you won't waste any product. Great fact : you get 40ml when most brands offer 30. That makes the price much more interesting.

So this is now my foundation of choice for long busy days of meetings.

See how it's perfect for a business face?  :)
This one is sold on Charlotte Tilbury's website for 38£.

Have you tried a new base recently? How did you like it?

July 20, 2014

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June 7, 2014

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April 26, 2014

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April 23, 2014

Foundation Review #39: Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet

You know me and new foundations, especially if they're from Chanel. Even more so if they are marketed as lightweight or second-skin like. No need to say I ran to get this new one as soon as it was out!

What the brand says.
PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET is a lightweight second-skin foundation. It naturally smoothes and evens out the complexion for a velvety matte makeup result.
The lightweight texture of PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET makes it perfect for normal and combination to oily skin. This ultra-soft emulsion instantly becomes one with the skin, transforming into a natural powdery matte finish that disappears onto the skin.
• The Perfect Skin Affinity complex acts in perfect affinity with the skin to maintain hold and radiance all day long.
• The "smooth-effect" powders selected by the CHANEL Laboratories diminish surface irregularities and instantly smooth pores.
• The patented* Perfect Light Control complex (combination of two semi-sheer hemispherical powders) perfectly evens out dark spots and lightens redness, without a hint of thickness.
My experience with the product.

Packaging wise, this is the same 30ml plastic bottle that Vitalumiere Aqua comes in, which is a packaging I like a lot.

When it comes to shades, this is where things got complicated for me. I am normally a B10 in Chanel, but go figure why, B10 is not available in my country. So I was left to chose between BR12, which has a hint of pink, and B20. B20 is extremely dark and orange, a good NC25 in my opinion, so that was an absolute no-no, and I was left with BR12 which didn't look really pink straight out of to bottle. Nor on my neck, as a matter of fact.

This foundation is indeed extremely lightweight. The formula is very liquidy, and spreads very easily. It feels like nothing on the skin and feels really velvety when you touch your face.
However, this isn't love at all for me.

Even though Winter is gone and I'm getting more combination, I found this quite drying, particularly on my cheeks that can suffer from dehydration. From close, every little dry patch was enhanced, even though I had heavily moisturized prior to application, as I was foreseeing this kind of issue.
The finish has been reported a lot to be "not fully matte" or "not flat" and it's true that I have seen matter/chalkier foundations. But this does not qualify as satin in my book and it does drain all luminosity out of my skin, which I can't help but think looks ageing.
Even though the color looks like a good match on my face, it's not working great on my face. It's nothing obvious, but I know I have seen myself in products that made me look better than this, and looked more natural.

Also, one thing upset me a lot: the smell. I know all Chanel foundations are smelly, but while I can get along with the smell of Vitalumiere Aqua, Perfection Lumiere Velvet smells very fruity and sweet (very much like the orginal Perfection Lumiere, in fact) and that really bothers me.

My overal conclusion.
If you are oily, this is probably an excellent equivalent for Vitalumiere Aqua. Without surprise, this contains alcohol, so if you are sensitive, be cautious.
If you are the tiniest bit dry or dehydrated, I would avoid this foundation and go for Vitalumière Aqua instead (again, if alcohol does not aggravate your skin). Same thing if you want the slightest bit of luminosity in your foundation.

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet, 30 ml, US$45, €41.

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