August 16, 2010

Eyeshadow Primers comparison, and review of Nars Smudgeproof Base.

Until I heard about eyeshadow primers and got my first one a couple of years ago, everything creased on my lids. Powder, paintpots, creaseless creams and even waterproof products. Having deep-set eyes doesn't help, I guess.

Since I tried them, my makeup life definitely changed for the best, but I must say I have used different products have noticed quite some differences.

Usual suspect #1 : Urban Decay Primer Potion.

PROS: Nothing will move around if you put this one underneath.

: I find it very sticky and for me, it makes powder eyeshadows very difficult to blend, they can even look patchy.
And of course, there's that crazy bottle that doesn't allow you to get all the product out, which makes it not very cost effective.

I use it for
: a base under cream eyeshadows, as I know they won't move on top of it, and there isn't much blending involved with them.

Usual suspect #2 : Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

PROS: Nothing will move around if you put this underneath! (bis).
It's very easy to blend on top of it, it makes the colors very vibrant and your makeup will last all day.
You really need a very tiny amount to do both lids (using too much would cause creasing, that defeats the purpose).

CONS: The formulation is a bit oily, so if you have extremely oily lids, it might not work that well for you.
I find it doesn't work as well as UDPP under cream products, although it's still good.
It has a tendency to separate, so the tube will regularly ooze some kind of oil, which is gross and unpractical. The smell is a bit weird, too.
Since you don't need much, chances are it will turn bad before you finish the tube, I find it makes my eyes itchy after about 6 months.

I use it for: looks that involve powder eyeshadows and lots of blending.

The new guy in town: Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base.

PROS: Nothing will move around if ... yadda yadda you get it.
The formulation looks like a white cream that dries clear within a few seconds, and has no smell.
You can blend very easily on top of it, whatever product you're using. It works great under powders and creams and doesn't impact the color pay-off negatively. It lasts all day.

CONS: The applicator being white, it can get a bit dirty if you rub it on your lids after having put on foundation (which I do).
It's more expensive than its 2 competitors, with a price tag of 22€/24USD.

I use it for: everything. I havent' been using anything else since I got this one.

My personal preference:
Although the Nars product is the most expensive, for me it's the best of the bunch. It works in all circumstances and doesn't have any of the disadvantages that bother me in the other 2, like the weird formulation of TSFI or the stickyness of UDPP. If I can replace those 2 by one product that works perfectly, I think it's still a winning operation.

Have you tried the Nars base already? What's your favourite eyeshadow base?


  1. Mmh I will buy the NARS base once I run out of Primer potion, it sounds good! I like the Benefit creaseless cream shadows as base, too.

  2. I agree with you on the NARS one. I got it last week and can't stop wearing it.

  3. ooohhhh thank you for this!!!!! very helpful :-)

  4. Haven't tried it yet but may have to :)

  5. heard good review on it, but way out of my price range for a primer really... not sure if i will ever get aroudn to trying this one :p


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